*Update 2*Stilt Linden Homes issue with “experience tools grid-wide”

It looks likely there will be a release on 23rd December however it’s unlikely the lab will release Stilts during the Christmas weekend ahead. It’s possible the full release may be pushed back into early next week.

Update 23rd December

Back with another update, and probably the last prior to the Holidays.   I have restored my original release post above. 

We have concluded several rounds of testing region releases and have determined that we can proceed at a paced release.  We will release regions on a timed frequency throughout the rest of today while monitoring systems and progress.   We will pick up doing so again after the Holidays.   I can not predict how many we may get through or by when, but we’ll do our best to get as many out as safely possible. 
That said, the KVP system while fixed is probably not in an optimal place.   Please do not play “Game of Homes” – that is if you get a new home, hold on to it for a few days before releasing the home to try and get another.  This is for any home types.  The more stress and load we place on the affected systems, the more likely it will become that we may have to stop deploying regions.
Thanks again for everyone’s patience and to the many of you who worked through this with us.

Happy Holidays!
Patch, the Moles and the Second Life Land Operations team

22nd December update on Stilts – As of 2.07pm SLT.

Hey Folks!

Another quick update – the team involved in fixing up the issues is hard at work on many things, our issue preventing us from doing a large scale release is one of the many things they are working on with all things uplift.   Tomorrow is another day and we’re ready to release more homes as soon as they can get things fixed up for us to move forward.

Again, thank you for your patience and I’ll post another update as quickly as I can.



Here is the latest second update from Patch Linden inworld in response to a question about a possible release today for Tuesday 22nd December 2020. It’s not good news at the moment however the lab are working hard to resolve the issue.

22nd December Update

Patch Linden: We can’t until an engineer can fix the issue with experience tools grid-wide… I’ve got my fingers crossed but the issue is largely out of my team’s hands unfortunately 

The issue can be found on the Second Life Grid Status Reports page. Follow the discussion on the Linden Homes section on the Second Life Forums.

It could be pushed back into the first week of January 2021 who knows

I will update my blog if anything new developments in the days ahead. Stay tuned.