*Delayed* – The Stilt Linden Home Release – Live Updates

The Stilts are now available

Newer updates will show here…

2pm SLT – Tuesday 22nd December Update 

The issue is still being looked at and hopefully it will be resolved very soon. 


2pm SLTPatch Linden has delayed the Stilt home regions release. See the post here

Hi Everyone!

An update on where we’re at with the Stilt home regions release.   We tried with all of our might today to get them in to everyone’s hands that wants them.  Sadly our plans were thwarted by unforeseen complications.  We’re hoping to work through some more of this tomorrow, and I’ll be back with another update as quickly as possible!

Have a great evening and thank you for your patience with us as we work through these issues.

-Patch, the Moles and the Second Life Land Operations team

  • 11.50am SLTThe operations team ran into issues with the test release of a single region and then tried a 2nd single region. Now they are trying to resolve issues before releasing the rest of the regions
  • 11.36am SLT – Clamdigger & Gorgeous Aurelia Beach becomes the next regions to be released 
  • 10.48am SLT – Patch Linden posts a update on the stilt home release via SL Forums

Hello everyone!

We have a new Linden Homes release, this time featuring Stilt Homes and House Boats.   There are 3900 Stilt Homes, and 552 House Boats in this release.

The stilt homes offer upscale living along the coasts of Bellisseria. Homes are raised on stilts, well above sea level, in the style of many shoreline homes in the Southeastern USA. Some homes are placed along or very near to the beach. Others are over water, attached to wooden piers. Others still are freestanding over water, only accessible by boat. Enjoy the luxury of a home on a full-sized 1024 sq m parcel and access to nearby shared public recreation areas.

You may choose any one of the four one-story or two-story styles from your house controller, regardless of where your stilt home parcel lies. Each has a large deck, where you can enjoy an evening meal or watch the waves. (Note: some land-based parcels may still have a small amount of water within the parcel lines, while some water/pier-based parcels may have a small amount of land in them.)

We hope you enjoy the new homes as we continue to grow the Bellisseria continent and community.

Happy Holidays!

Patch, the Moles and the Second Life Land Operations team

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  • The best way to get a new Stilt Linden Home is via the land selection page. Traditional, Campers, Houseboats, Log Homes are showing up at the moment. 
  • 9.30am SLT – Crowd gathers in Faraday 
  • 9.40am SLT – The first test region went live in Alagoon
  • 9.50am SLT – The Stilt regions go live

A test region has failed to pass this morning – delays likely now 

World Map Issue Update

Oz Linden has provided a update on the world map issue in Second Life via the Second Life Server section on the Second Life Forums.

The data needed to generate the maps has been moved to AWS however the code that works has not yet moved. The move is now in progress and this may take some time to be completed successfully.

This is a temporary situation…  the data needed to generate the maps has been moved to AWS, but the code that does the work has not yet. Because of how the datacenter version expected to fetch that data, it was not possible for us to make it work until the code has been moved too. That move is in progress and shouldn’t be too much longer (sorry, I don’t want to jinx the developer by setting a date).

No date or ETA has been announced yet from the lab. I would imagine the move will be completed before the end of January or at the latest February.

Stilt Linden Homes Planned Release Expected Today

On 20th December Patch Linden posted a promising update in the Linden Homes section of the Second Life Forums saying that the Stilt Linden home release is proceeding as planned for Monday 21st December 2020.

It’s expected there will be more than 3000+ Linden Homes released later on today including houseboats, campers, log homes and Stilt homes. 

Delays are likely but hopefully everything will go as planned today. 

Heed the big huge disclaimer at the bottom of my Flickr posting:

[Giant Disclaimer™ – if everything goes according to plan]

I’m going to clearly warn you all now, if you leave your homes and this DOES NOT work, there’s no going back potentially and you’ll be homeless.

I suggest you do NOT abandon your homes until we are absolutely sure the release is proceeding as planned tomorrow – we will not run out of Stilt homes for several days.

This is very exciting news for anyone wanting to get one of the Stilt homes in the new extension area east of the log homes continent. The wait is almost over. 

Sty tuned for further updates later today and during this week.