3 thoughts on “Poll: Has your Second Life experience improved from the recent grid wide region uplift to the cloud ?

  1. Hi, I believe the overall experience has improved, especially thanks to the improved simcrossing. As a competitive sailor, it makes a big difference.
    However, textures are slower to load and Rez, which is an issue when sailing next to busy regions. My take on that is that some/most textures are still hosted on LL servers…
    Work to be done on that, definitely.
    Cheers&Fair winds!

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    1. No improvement for me. My house controller broke. My speed boat now gives me error messages and then asks to animate me at every sim crossing. I have made the creators aware.


  2. The sim crossing update is unrelated to the cloud migration and was already improved months prior: since the uplift, textures and mesh have been loading very poorly when previously the same regions were loading in just fine. In kind, movement in private sims that are ordinarily stable has taken a noticeable hit, and the process of applying/moving textures or making changes to prims has become a constant battle between user input and reversion by the server. I was looking forward to this change but all in all am now very troubled by its implications.

    Anyone else having these issues?


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