Linden Lab Announces Private Regions Are Now Available

After months of waiting Linden Lab have today announced that private regions are now available in limited quantity. Over time more regions will become available which is good news to hear. 

The lab is making good progress running more and more regions on AWS simulators. More are being added every day. 

As Oz recently discussed in a post, we are hard at work on uplifting Second Life to the cloud. It’s an incredibly exciting time, and we’re already seeing some significant improvements to Second Life as a service from this process. 

Additionally, many regions on the grid are now running on AWS simulators, with more being added every day!

In light of more regions being moved to the cloud, we are pleased to announce that we are ready to begin offering new private region purchases in limited quantities. As we continue to uplift more of the grid, more regions will become available over time, eventually leading to the Land Store being reopened.

The second half of the blog post talks about how to purchase a private region along with the costs. 

If you wish to purchase a private region, please submit a support ticket through our Support Portal. The ticket can be submitted under the Land & Region > Order Private Region category. Please include the region name, which must conform to region naming guidelines. Following your ticket submission, we will either process the region purchase, or add your request to a wait list, which will be handled in the order the submission is received. In the event that your request is put on the waiting list, we will not charge your account until the point when the region is delivered.

Private regions are charged an initial setup fee upon delivery, which also covers the first 30 days. Each month afterwards, private regions bill at their recurring monthly fee. 



Setup Fee


Maintenance Fee


Full Region



Skill Gaming Region



Homestead Region



Please spread the word.