Log Homes Expansion March 2020 vs October 2020

The new railway line expansion launching soon

It’s been six months since Patch Linden first announced the new release of Log Homes via the official Second Life forums. The first batch included 4, 828 new Linden Homes (over 230 regions) and since then the Moles have added thousands more new Linden Homes on the log homes continent.

I am back, and this time with another staggering 4,828 new Linden Homes ready for your ownership! The theme, as many of you saw in the ACS Demo region, is Log Homes.

– Patch Linden – 1st April 2020

The Randelsham Tree House was added in late April 2020 which is located in the Randelsham Forest region. A nice community hangout place surrounded by lovely scenery. The Moles are working on expanding the railway line further eastwards which is very exciting indeed. I will post more updates on this soon.

Log Homes Railway Version 1 = July 2020

Here is what the log homes continent looked like back in late March 2020. There were loads of clone versions of the log homes all over the place. Access from the west was not possible for a while until the log homes opened to the public. Back then there were loads of empty areas and was not much to view.

Log Homes – 27th March 2020
Log Homes – Early April 2020

Here is the latest new photo of the log homes continent as of 1st October 2020. The Moles have made great progress in six months as you can see below with thousands of new Log homes built and more connections made compared with the map from March 2020.

  • Red = Upcoming areas that will be built on soon
  • White = Areas that are being worked on now
Log Homes continent – 1st October 2020

I would say the log homes continent is roughly 80% done so far. As everyone knows the log homes continent is going to take another month or so to complete. It’s going to be amazing once the Moles finish because then the next phrase will start expanding the continent out futher.

It’s going to be great when the new Stilt Linden homes go live on the grid later this year hopefully. I am looking forward to the other new themes in the works which have not been unveiled yet.


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