Second Life Average Logged In Users Peaked Between March And May 2020 During Lockdown – Wave 1

Average logged in users increases during lock down – Source

Looking back at the last 12 months since September 2019 in terms of Second Life logged in users (average) it appears that between March 2020 – May 2020 there was a higher peak during wave 1. This period was when the pandemic started to get worse and lockdowns occurred around the world.

  • The daily average reached around 46, 000 – 47, 000 in April 2020 – Source
  • The highest peak for the maximum daily concurrency for Second Life this year was recorded on 20th April 2020 with 60, 068 users logged in – Source

It seems Europe and other places around the world are starting to see wave 2 of cases/deaths starting to happen sadly. There are warnings on the news saying things will get worse for the next six months at least until vaccines arrive sometime next year.

If wave 3 and wave 4 happens next year I would imagine Second Life would see more logged in users (average). Normally in the winter there are more logged in users in Second Life and it will be interesting to view this real-time graph in 12 months time to see what happens.


The Moles Add New Train Tracks – September 2020 Update

A new railway tunnel

The Moles are now extending the log homes train track futher eastwards from SSPE1460 to SSPE1162. There are new signal points and two new victorian tunnels that have been built so far. Within the next few months the new railway will go up the east coast of the log homes continent with brand new train stations and more new areas to explore.

Exciting times ahead! 🙂

New signal points

It’s worth pointing out this new extension is not completed yet so it’s best to wait a little longer before driving trains near this new area. The new railway splits into two in SSPE1460 where if you go down south are new signal points along the way.

New extension not completed yet

Can’t wait for the whole new extension to be completed very soon. I will blog more new developments next month.