Interested In Testing Performance On Uplifted Simulators?

This week Linden Lab are asking the Second Life community to test performance on the Uplifted simulators.

It’s a great opportunity now to try the Linden Realms in the Cloud either by yourself or with friends. Linden Lab are due to complete the Uplift later this year in moving Second Life to the cloud.

As many know already some regions on the Beta Grid have already been Uplifted in the cloud after weeks/months of on-going testing. It is likely that more regions will be Uplifted in the next few months until the whole main grid is in the cloud. 

Here is the full blog announcement about testing…

As you may know, we are in the process of moving Second Life to the cloud! Our first ever cloud simulators, on the beta grid, have been uplifted, and we can use your assistance. Here’s your opportunity to be among the first Residents to test the performance of uplift.

Log in to the beta grid (click here for instructions) and start at the Aditi Portal Park to try out Linden Realms in the cloud. Bring your friends and spend some time engaging in the virtual experience produced and provided by Linden Lab. You may even run into the often unseen technical Lindens working away. Don’t forget to ask them for their Linden bear, and beware of the rock monster!

If you find any issues with Linden Realms on the beta grid, please file a BUG jira at, and make sure to include the time, date, region you were in when you found the issue, and a description of what happened, as well as what you would expect to happen in a similar situation on the Main Grid today.

Keep checking the Second Life blog and the Second Life Forums for more news.


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