Philip Rosedale Talks About The Beginning Of Second Life And Linden Lab

Strawberry Linden & Philip Rosedale Live on Lab Gab Epsiode 32

On Friday 7th August 2020 Philip Rosedale the founder of Second Life talked with Strawberry Linden about the early origins of Second Life and Linden Lab for almost for a hour. Over 200 viewers watched the live stream on YouTube (with 142 likes) and there was a really good active chat going on during the episode.

Philip talked about hanging out at the new Linden Homes continent, the virus pandemic, the rig, the status of High Fidelity, his Second Life avatar, a little about the Linden Lab acquisition (saying it’s a good thing) and much more.

Ebbe Altberg and other Lindens watched the live stream yesterday among familiar faces that I knew. I personally thought it was a wonderful interview with great stories throughout. I liked Philip’s vision and dreams he had back in the early days (late 1990s+) for Second Life/Linden Lab. I’m glad Second Life survived the last 17 years and it’s made a positive difference for so many people around the world.

Thanks so much Philip Rosedale!

Here is the full episode in case you missed it yesterday morning (SLT).

Hopefully Philip Rosedale will be back on Lab Gab in the near future. It was most fascinating from start to finish.

Second Life Mobile Companion App – August 2020 Update

As many know already Linden Lab is currently working on a brand new Second Life mobile companion app for iOS and for Android users. These are the latest updates relating to the new Second Life mobile app from this week’s web user group meeting from Wednesday 5th August 2020.


  • Work for the Android version of the Second Life mobile app is still behind the iOS version at this time but the good news is that it’s still under active development.
  • It’s got some time before it reaches the Alpha / Beta test process stages.


  • The iOS version has been in closed alpha for roughly two months or so now
  • The lab has a build that is expected to be submitted to Apple sometime during August 2020. It’s got to be reviewed first and then approved before it appears on the Apple App Store
  • The development team and the QA team are working hard right now

What to expect when the Second Life mobile app launches ?

It’s worth pointing out when the Second Life app launches before 2021 it will be more of a communicator app than a full blown client. It’s going to be used for basic contact for now like for IM and group chat.

There will be no 3D world view and apparently there are three mobile regions that have been set up so far. Over time more features, mobile regions and more capabilities will be added for the iOS and Android versions.

The lab will probably do a big announcement when the iOS version is approved on the Apple App Store very soon. The Android version announcement will follow later most likely in 2020. Most likely sometime in the Autumn if all goes to plan is what I am thinking for timings.

The lab are making good progress so far. The overall development for both iOS and Android versions seems to be going alright so far. I am most looking forward to trying out the Android version when that launches.

I will post more on my blog when more information becomes available.

Philip Rosedale Will Be Live On Lab Gab Today At 10.30am SLT

Philip Rosedale the founder of Second Life and the co-Founder of High Fidelity will be live on Lab Gab (Episode 23) today starting at 10.30am SLT. Strawberry Linden will be asking Philip many questions about various interesting topics. It’s going to be most interesting to hear what Philip has to say later on today.

Via Linden Lab – Lab Gab Series Logo

This live episode of Lab Gab will be streaming on YouTube, Facebook and Periscope. Please spread the word. You can watch it live below too.

Less than 10 hours to go!