The Mole Secret Cave

The new waterfall area

There is a new Mole secret cave which can be found in the SSPE1160 region on the south side of the log homes continent. The new waterfall area looks lovely inside and from a distance. The Moles are still building around here.

The new rez zone and waterfall area

If you go through the water fall you will find a Mole secret cave with a open camper inside. There are supplies, plasma balls, a operating computer, drinks and much more to discover in the Mole cave.

No carrots or bunny food here!

The new camper inside the water fall
The supplies
The computer area

Come and visit the new area. What will you discover ?

Log Homes Development Update – August 2020

The road ahead

The Moles are working on the coastlines now and around the central areas of the large log homes continent. Check out these newly built homes in SSPE1159 and more new Linden homes will be added eastwards in the weeks ahead.

Stay tuned for more updates soon.