A Visit To The SL History Museum

The SL History Museum in Phobos is a great place to learn about the origins of Second Life. There are displays of historical Second Life images, notecards, objects and freebies. The SL History Museum was built by Oz Spade back on 4th August 2004. 

It’s amazing how things used to look like back from the early days of Second Life compared with today. So much has happened since 2004 in Second Life in terms of new improvements like Windlight, Mesh, EEP and much more. 


Primitar 1.0
Some historical objects
World Map – 21st November 2002
Voting Stations

About The SL History Musuem

Oz Spade started the Historical Society with Zero Medici and Merwan Marker. The first goal was to build a History Museum, which was done with land donated by Zero and built by Oz Spade. The SL Historical Museum can be seen at Phobos (220,167) on new land, currently there is most of the information on this wiki as well as several historic objects and images.

Ground Floor

Check out cool historical locations in Second Life here.


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