Logs Homes Continent Railway Map (V1.0)- July 2020

Logs Home Railway Map – Version 1.0

The Moles have been busy recently adding more railway tracks and new railway bridges to the new extension of the Bellisseria continent. Today I have highlighted the new log homes extension railway line in blue (part open) and in red (closed). This is version 1.0 and I hope to have a new updated map soon.

At the moment you can only travel by train from the west of Bellisseria up to the Hawesblood station. There are more planned railway stations coming soon. The north line highlighted in red will be continued later this year or perhaps sometime in 2021.

Here are some of the new predicted upcoming railway stations…

What’s Up Ahead

The Moles are still adding more log homes, roads, new areas and railway connections. The central areas and outside areas are now in development. It’s going to be amazing when the whole expansion is completed later this year.

New railway bridges in SSPE1190

The long green line on the world map is where the soon to be railway tracks will be created. The railway line goes through the mountains, water lakes and nearby log homes which is very neat indeed. I can’t wait to take a train and explore all of it.

The green line marks where the new railway track is

Another new railway bridge built recently

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