Poll Results: Log Cabins Top Choice For Favourite Linden Home Theme

Poll Results – 1st July 2020

On 27th June I started a new poll where everyone could vote for their favourite Linden Home theme and here are the results for that poll (see above). In total there was 173 votes in this poll and to all those that voted thank you very much. I will probably do another poll like this at the end of the year to see how it compares with the new upcoming LH homes added.

The most popular choice among the Second Life community right now is Log Cabins which had 52 votes and 30% of the overall vote. Houseboats came in second place with 34 votes and in third place was Trailers/Campers with 19 votes. The Victorian homes and Stilt homes (launching later this year) followed closely behind.

The Traditional homes came in the bottom half of the table and was one of the least favourite Linden Home themes options along with the old Linden Home themes.

New Log Homes

Thanks for participating in this poll.