SL17B Shop and Hop

SL17B Shop and Hop Map 2020

The SL17B Shop and Hop event opened to the public on the 18th of June and it runs through until 12th July 2020. There are ton’s of items that are discounted, freebies, deals featuring over 200 creators. The item themes range from historic, cyberpunk, fantasy and loads more.

It’s best to visit the regions during non peak hours for less lag and most importantly to gain access. If you love shopping in Second Life then this might interest you.

See here for a full list of participating merchants

New Linden Homes Theme #6 Announcement Expected Next Week

LH theme 6 expected next week

Linden Lab have been pretty quiet about the next new Linden Homes theme #6. Hopefully during next weeks SL17B Meet The Lindens live talks from 22nd – 26th June we will hear more about what’s coming next.

So far we have had Traditional, Houseboats, Trailers/Campers, Victorian homes and Log homes. I’m reading on the forums it could be a beach bungalow theme, beach house, sea related or something near to that. What do you think the next Linden Home theme will be ?

Tiny tents in SL17B Exhilarate

On the SL17B Map Boards dotted around it shows a LH Demo Area which is currently located on the far west of the SL17B regions currently closed to the public named SL17B Enchant. There are 10 SL17B Water regions that are closed but are they are right next door to the exhibitors builds.

It’s believed that the SL17B Enchant region will move into place very soon on the west side of the SL17B Exhilarate region. It’s just unclear what the water regions will be used for though at this point.

Once the LH Demo Area is open to the public then hopefully we will see what the next Linden Home theme will be. I would imagine then it’s going to take a few months or so for the Moles to release/rollout the new regions. These will probably be the new SSP pink regions I would imagine.

More updates soon, stay tuned.

SL17B Gift Boardwalk

Sunday afternoon at the SL17B Gift Boardwalk

Check out the SL17B Gift Boardwalk filled with free gifts from clothing, accessories, poses, hair and much more. It’s one of the most popular hotspots at SL17B for visitors at the moment.

The SL17B Gift Boardwalk offers over 150 gifts apparently from SL17B exhibitors and merchants. There is a fun fair worth visiting here. Please spread the word 🙂

Teleport to the SL17B Gift Boardwalk here

Patch Linden Opens SL17B

SL17B Regions Now Open

This morning the SL17B regions opened up to the public with a opening ceremony speech by Patch Linden. There was a high audience attendance in nearby regions and via the live online stream of it.

> SL17B is now open until 12th July 2020

Patch started by talking about what Second Life has to offer everyone. Then he talked about the convid-19 and current events around the globe. There was no mention about Linden Homes during the opening speech. He closed his speech by saying a huge thanks to all those that made SL17B possible.

Skip to 11 minutes and 44 seconds on the video below to hear Patch.

Watch the brand new episode 28 of Lab Gab series which aired today featuring SL17B. New footage of the SL17B regions below.

I will be posting SL17B updates on my blog and on my Twitter stream during the SL17B birthday celebrations.

SL17B Meet The Lindens Schedule

SL17B Auditorium

Next week marks the return of the most popular Meet The Lindens series of special town hall Q&A events featuring many of the executives at Linden Lab. You really don’t want to miss any of these live interview talks from Monday 22nd June through until Friday 26th June.

This is a great opportunity for all those wanting to learn about the future plans for Second Life and learn more about the people that work at the lab. All events start at 2pm SLT and finish at 4pm SLT. All sessions will be held at the SL17B Auditorium. 

  • Monday 22nd JuneEbbe Linden – CEO of Linden Lab
  • Tuesday 23rd JunePatch Linden – Vice President of Programme Operations
  • Wednesday 24th June Oz Linden – Vice President of Second Life Engineering
  • Thursday 25th June – The Marketing Team – Promoting and Marketing Second Life
  • Friday 16th June – Meet the Moles! – The Linden Department of Public Works

The sessions will be hosted by Saffia Widdershins and will be streamed live on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and Mixer. These live events are popular so it’s best to arrive early to get a seat. 

SL17B opening_003

Please spread the word! 🙂 

SL17B Regions Open Up To The Second Life Birthday Group

SL17B Soft Opening Day

At 9am SLT today the SL17B regions opened up to the in-world Second Life Birthday group. There was a fair amount of Moles and Lindens at the SL17B Welcome Area welcoming everyone through the gates. The best way to explore the birthday regions is through the SL17B map boards and the SL17B Pods system.

+ The LH Demo Area is not available yet – more details will be announced soon

The lag so far seems to be low but it will probably increase over the weekend then balance out in the weeks ahead.

First preview of SL17B

SL17B Welcome Area

The SL17B grand opening for the public starts at 11am SLT on Friday 19th June 2020. The theme for SL17B celebrations is “Road Trips and Vacations”. There are loads of SL17B events coming up now. There is loads to see and do this year. The SL17B regions look

+ Calendar of SL17B Events

SL17B Auditorium

Second Life official birthday is 23rd June 2020. Grid wide events are expected!

SL17B Map
Moles and Lindens at SL17B
SL17B Gift Boardwalk

It’s time to party and celebrate 17 years of Second Life ! 🙂

Linden Lab Retires Some Last Names From Round 1

On Tuesday 16th June Linden Lab announced that they are retiring some of the last names from the first round. So far Linden Lab have been receiving good feedback since the return of last names back in April 2020. 

Here is the list of last names that will be retired from 25th June 2020. You can still claim them now until the deadline above. 


Linden Lab plans to update and change the available last names on a regular basis.  However the lab takes a number of factors into consideration on making the decision about “when to change up the names, most importantly how popular, or unpopular, a name is”. 

The lab finishes by saying this in the blog post..

All residents that have purchased name changes using these last names will retain ownership of the name, but no more additional purchases of these names will be available. 

If you wish to claim one of these last names for yourself, now is your last chance! Be sure to do so no later than Wednesday, June 24th, as the names will no longer be available for purchase. 

Simultaneously, ten new last name options will be made available for purchase. These new names will be announced upon release, so stay tuned!

It will be interesting to see the next 10 new last names options which will be announced soon.

Linden Lab Announces SL17B Music Fest Lineup & Schedule

On Monday 15th June Linden Lab announced the SL17B Music Fest lineup and schedule on the official Second Life blog. The SL17B Music Fest will be starting from 11am SLT with the opening ceremony with Patch Linden on Friday 19th June. The music fest continues with live performers then until Sunday late evening at the SL17B Live Stage.

The lab will add SL17B exhibits and events in a dedicated new category on the Second Life Destination Guide later this week. Keep watch for new listings which will appear on there. 

Many of the top performers in Second Life have come together to perform live at this special two-day music event

It’s recommended for everyone to arrive early as the SL17B regions will quickly full up. You can add the SL17B birthday calendar directly if you have Google Calendar here.

Here is the full SL17B Music Fest 2020 Schedule. All times are SLT/PDT.

TIMEJune 19June 20
9:00 AM Oblee (Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth)
10:00 AM F L Y (Flyqueen)
11:00 AMPatch Linden (Opening Ceremony)Sҽlι Bʅαƈƙɱorҽ (Illdoran Nightfire)
12:00 PMMankind Tracer (Seth Regan)Shagpile Spyker
1:00 PMll ƜIƝƬƐɌ llMimi Carpenter
2:00 PMNina SetnerRogue Galaxy
3:00 PMJoaquin GustavEffinjay (Jaycatt Nico & Frogg Marlow)
4:00 PMMarqs DeSadeMelly Faith (MellyFaith Heartsong)
5:00 PMSaraMarie PhillyThe Vinnie Show (Acoustic Rhapsody)
6:00 PMEdward Kyomoon (Donn DeVore)Gabriel da Silva Namir (Gabryel Nyoki)
7:00 PMAgatha (Agatha Nowles)Skye Galaxy
8:00 PMErin Frog & Satin Galli 
9:00 PMrч αnnє (Oxoryanneoxo) 

Stay tuned for further updates in the days ahead on my blog. Please spread the word.

5 days left until SL17B

Next week marks the grand opening of Second Life 17th birthday celebrations starting on Friday 19th June through until Friday 10th July 2020. There will be live performers, live DJs, birthday events, live interviews. shopping and much more. There will be many interesting exhibits to discover and explore this year. To see the latest developments type in  “SL17B” on the map.

Loved SL16B

Last year at SL16B it was pretty fun with all the meet the linden live sessions,  I loved the free gifts area, the preview of the new camper van park, the new Linden homes and the nice love heart shaped area. I enjoyed greeting visitors at various points around the birthday regions.

Stay tuned for SL17B announcements soon on the official Second Life blog. It’s going to be another great birthday with surprises along the way.

5 days and counting!

Second Life Statistics Update – June 2020

We are now six months into 2020 and it’s now time to look at the latest Second Life grid statistics. The key areas of focus is the main grid size, daily concurrency and signups.

Main Grid Size 

The good news is that the total size of the main grid has grown since the start of the year. There has been more interest in private estates this year. Linden Lab have added more new Linden owned regions to the Bellisseria continent during the past six months. The YTD net loss for private estate regions has stayed pretty low at around 0.4% since March 2020.

In mid May 2020 the lab announced that there was limited availability of new Second Life regions going forward. It’s likely that things may pick up again in early Autumn 2020. Second Life is in the process of migrating from the old existing dedicated servers to a cloud hosting service. When that process is complete the lab will release the unlimited region capacity again.

Unfortunately, our current server systems cannot accommodate unlimited growth without adversely impacting that stability and performance. This means that region inventory in Second Life will be extremely limited and may not be readily available until early fall.

For those that follow Tyche Shepherd weekly posts on VirtualVerse Forums there has not been no weekly updates since 30th March 2020 on the latest grid numbers. Note that stats on this blog post are from the Second Life Grid Survey and from the VirtualVerse Forums.

Main Grid size as of 7th June 2020

  • Total Main Grid Regions: 25, 160
  • Private Estates: 16, 902
  • Linden Owned: 8, 258


  • General: 2, 648
  • Moderate: 15, 745
  • Adult: 6, 760
  • Total Size: 1648.89KM

Main Grid size on 20th January 2020

  • Total Main Grid Regions: 24, 147
  • Private Estates: 16, 036
  • Linden Owned: 8, 111


  • General: 2, 830
  • Moderate: 15, 059
  • Adult: 6, 253
  • Total Size: 1582.50KM

Previous Years Grid Stats

There are more regions in Second Life now than there was a few years ago or so. The lab have steadily added more and more Linden owned regions to the grid over the years which has made a positive difference to the grid numbers.

On 2nd June 2019

  • Total Main Grid Regions: 24, 147
  • Linden Owned: 8, 017
  • Private Estates: 16, 130

On 30th December 2018

  • Total Main Grid Regions: 23, 811
  • Linden Owned: 7, 691
  • Private Estates: 16, 120

18th March 2018

  • Total Main Grid Regions: 23, 298
  • Linden Owned: 7, 240
  • Private Estates: 16, 058

31st December 2017

  • Total Main Grid regions: 23, 332
  • Total Linden Owned: 7, 226
  • Total Private Estates: 16, 106

3rd January 2016

  • Total number of Main Grid regions: 24, 886
  • Linden Owned: 7, 111
  • Private Estates: 17, 775

Daily Concurrency 

The average daily concurrency for Second Life at the moment is between 30, 000min- 55, 000max at peak times. The maximum daily concurrency has not surpassed 60, 000 since late April 2020. During the past few months there has been more logging into Second Life probably due to the current health crisis the world is facing now.

  • Maximum Daily Concurrency – 55, 000 (average peak)
  • Median Daily Concurrency – 40, 400 (average)
  • Minimum Daily Concurrency – 30, 000 (average)


As of the 12th of June 2020 there have been 63, 734, 666 signups for Second Life since launch of the platform.

My next statistics update will be made in late October 2020.