New STILT Linden Homes

Over 70 avatars try to move across

After Patch Linden live session finished at SL17B the LH Demo region at the SL17B officially opened to everyone. Patch announced the new Linden Home theme #6 – Stilt homes.

These new homes will come in three styles (over land, over water and mixed) all on stilts (1024m²). This is theme based on Floridian low lying areas (hurricane-prone) areas. To get a better sense of this new theme Google Florida stilt homes.

Patch said you can have boats etc connected with these new homes. There might be the ability to park cars underneath houses.

Trying to rez the new theme

These newest Linden Homes are not launching today as they are being worked on in the background. Another theme is almost ready with another two more themes coming later this year or sometime in 2021. There could be a double theme home release in the winter.

The lab can’t proceed with releasing new stilt regions next to the Bellisseria continent until the UPLift move to the cloud project due to be completed before the end of 2020.


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