New Photos Of The New Stilt Homes

The bunny explores the new Stilt homes area at SL17B

It’s just gone past midnight in Second Life on Wednesday 24th June 2020 and here are some new photos of the new Stilt homes in the SL17B Enchant region. There are different styles of homes here from the Havana, the Lauderdale, the Santiago and the Tortuga. Each offering something new and interesting. Come and check them out today.

The first initial feedback has been been rather mixed so far but the overall feeling seems to be positive at the moment. The LH Demo region is now open to the public to view these new homes and the region will remain open until SL17B ends in early July 2020. It’s best to visit SL17B during non-peak times for the best viewing experience.

These new Linden homes won’t be released until late 2020. There will be around 4, 000 to 5, 000 new Linden Homes which is subject to change. It’s believed the SSP pink regions area (closed to the public) is where the new developments are taking place.

Check out my new snapshots of the new homes below.

What do you think of the new Stilt homes ?


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