Ebbe Altberg Goes Live At 2pm SLT Today At SL17B – Live Stream

Live Stream

Watch Here From 2pm SLT Today!

Ebbe Altberg CEO of Linden Lab will be having a live conversation with Saffia Widdershins today starting at 2pm SLT/PDT at the SL17B Auditorium. This week marks the start of the special 2020 Meet the Lindens series at SL17B happening every day.

It’s going to be most interesting to hear what Ebbe has to say about Second Life, Linden Lab, current global events and much more. The SL17B Auditorium is going to fill up pretty fast. For those that can’t attend here is the live streaming link below.

SL17B Auditorium already starting to fill up

I am looking forward to hearing more about the 2020/2021 roadmap for Second Life going forward, the latest on Linden Homes and the mobile app. I hope it will be interesting and exciting this year.

I will post more here when I hear more on any new developments.

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