Patch Linden Opens SL17B

SL17B Regions Now Open

This morning the SL17B regions opened up to the public with a opening ceremony speech by Patch Linden. There was a high audience attendance in nearby regions and via the live online stream of it.

> SL17B is now open until 12th July 2020

Patch started by talking about what Second Life has to offer everyone. Then he talked about the convid-19 and current events around the globe. There was no mention about Linden Homes during the opening speech. He closed his speech by saying a huge thanks to all those that made SL17B possible.

Skip to 11 minutes and 44 seconds on the video below to hear Patch.

Watch the brand new episode 28 of Lab Gab series which aired today featuring SL17B. New footage of the SL17B regions below.

I will be posting SL17B updates on my blog and on my Twitter stream during the SL17B birthday celebrations.


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