Linden Lab Rolls Out New Logo For Second Life

Today Linden Lab have officially rolled out a new logo for Second Life. The new logo features a more cleaner, bright and bolder font than the older logo.

So far there has been mixed feedback on the new logo on the forums. Personally it’s good that the lab have revamped it but I still loved the green colour from before. 

Here is the full blog announcement…

Today we’re rolling out a new logo for Second Life.

Second Life has seen a surge of interest from people new to SL, longstanding residents, and groups and businesses seeking a uniquely interactive place for gatherings and special events. With this renewed attention we decided it was time to update a key part of how we tell the world what SL is all about. Second Life is still going strong, with a devoted and energetic resident community, and we want everyone to know that.


The old logo has served us well but no longer projects our vision for SL as we move into this next decade. The new logo uses clearer, bolder type to communicate our optimism and confidence in what the future holds for SL. We retired the soft green color in favor of bright blue to reflect the boundless energy of our residents, who create amazing content and experiences. When it comes to what you can do with SL, the (blue) sky’s the limit!

Second Life is a big product. In addition to the Viewer, there are hundreds of web pages, and the old logo is on all of them. We don’t want to distract our teams from the important projects our community knows we’re working hard on. So you will see a mix of new and old logos for a while as teams find time to make updates.

We’re all excited to use the new logo and we hope you like it.

— The Second Life team

What do you think about the new Second Life logo ?