16 new regions added to the new Victorian regions

This week the lab have added 16 new regions to the Victorian regions south east of the Bellisseria continent in Second Life. This new expansion is set to grow even larger in the weeks and months ahead. The Moles are working hard in nearby regions and they are doing a great job.

Many think that Linden Lab strategy for the rest of 2020 is to expand the larger size land masses with each new theme moving eastwards and northwards. Adding in the mini continents (wood region) with squishy pickle and houseboats. Don’t forget more new themes are in the works so it’s going to be pretty interesting to see how it all mixes up.

Overview map of the Bellisseria continent as of today…

I will post more updates very soon.

Visit The Coronovirus Info Center At Inspiration Island In Second Life

Health Hacienda

A new special information area on Coronovirus (COVID-19) in Second Life has been set up at the WBH Grove of Wisdom/ Health Hacienda on Inspiration Island. You can read the statistics and basic facts about the virus inworld thanks to Briellr Coronet. 

This area will be kept updated regularly. Please spread the word and direct your friends here. 

Stopping the spread info board
Info boards about the virus

I think there should be more virus info places like this around Second Life during this crisis.

Teleport Here