Torley Linden Left Linden Lab Last Month

Torley’s LinkedIn account page

According to New World Notes it appears that Torley Linden left Linden Lab last month. It’s unclear if it was to do with the recent Sansar layoffs or to do with something else at this stage.

Friendly greetings! We — for simplicity’s sake — I am Torley-favicon.png Torley Linden, and I amplify your awesome.

Torley will be deeply missed by the Second Life community. I enjoyed watching his video tutorials and I liked it when he attended big events including office hours.

It looks like Torley regions went off the grid sometime during mid February 2020 around the time of the Sansar layoffs.

  • Torley & Is & Here – Regions! 

I loved seeing his latest amazing snapshots on his Flickr photostream which actually inspired me to go on to do grid wide adventures. I loved his passion for making Second Life more amazing. 

Who are Lindens ?

Torley actually wrote this Flickr testimonial for me back in early October 2008 just a few months before I transferred to the main grid on my 18th birthday.

I wish Torley the best of luck for the future and thanks for making Second Life more awesome.


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