New SSP extension joins up to the Bellisseria continent & new extra areas show up

New extension connects up

Today it look’s like the new SSP extension that relates to the new 4th Linden Homes theme is now showing on the map just south of the Bellisseria continent. The regions outlined in red are not open yet to the public and I would imagine they will be before next Wednesday at the latest.

The Jeogeot continent down south with this new extension is now only separated by one water region. The water regions on the west side are now being merged in with the coastlines.

New Houseboat Extra Areas

The Moles have finally unveiled the new houseboats areas which are dotted in the ocean now. That’s what they have been working on for the past few months over at the SSP testing areas. It’s starting to look really good now on the map which the smaller areas merging with the bigger areas. More space now for boats and air vehicles.

New houseboats show up in Morden
Morden, Mael & Agathy
Alewife & Grunion Beach
Retrograde, Yorith & Zokalar
Quahog Cove, Melville Deep, Armada & Remolcadora
Grandfleet & Bottlenose Jetty
New area added

Yay, the Bellisseria continent is now very large and more regions are still yet to arrive. Some of the regions above have been added to the Jeogeot continent in the north west corner.