Taking break from Second Life. I’ll be back in early 2020

I have decided to take a break from Second Life due to RL commitments. Everything is good so don’t worry. Breaks are good and everyone should take them once in a while.

I have enjoyed blogging about Second Life during 2019 especially keeping track of the new continent. The lab and the Moles have done such a great job this year.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a happy new year 2020. I’ll be back in early January 2020 and refreshed for the new 2020s decade ahead.

If you want to keep in touch with me please use the contact page, Twitter or Plurk. Thanks very much.


Bay City Tree Lighting 2019

Bay City Fairgrounds

The annual Bay City tree lighting festival and charity auction starts today from 1pm to 4pm SLT at Bay City Fairgrounds over in the North Channel region in Second Life. The event features the tree lighting, live music performances, a skating party and the silent auction.

The live music will be provided by DJ GoSpeed Racer today and there will be many live performers entertaining the crowds.

There will be refreshments and lots of fun. All proceeds go to the Child’s Play Charity which helps seriously ill children around the world and helps for with purchases of games and gaming equipment. As of today at 2.50am SLT the official donation kiosk total reads L$5, 725 for the Child’s Play Charity.

Donate Here

This is a free public event! 🙂

Teleport Link – Bay City Fairgrounds (North Channel)

It’s almost time

Please spread the word about this amazing exciting annual event in Bay City.

New SSP extension joins up to the Bellisseria continent & new extra areas show up

New extension connects up

Today it look’s like the new SSP extension that relates to the new 4th Linden Homes theme is now showing on the map just south of the Bellisseria continent. The regions outlined in red are not open yet to the public and I would imagine they will be before next Wednesday at the latest.

The Jeogeot continent down south with this new extension is now only separated by one water region. The water regions on the west side are now being merged in with the coastlines.

New Houseboat Extra Areas

The Moles have finally unveiled the new houseboats areas which are dotted in the ocean now. That’s what they have been working on for the past few months over at the SSP testing areas. It’s starting to look really good now on the map which the smaller areas merging with the bigger areas. More space now for boats and air vehicles.

New houseboats show up in Morden
Morden, Mael & Agathy
Alewife & Grunion Beach
Retrograde, Yorith & Zokalar
Quahog Cove, Melville Deep, Armada & Remolcadora
Grandfleet & Bottlenose Jetty
New area added

Yay, the Bellisseria continent is now very large and more regions are still yet to arrive. Some of the regions above have been added to the Jeogeot continent in the north west corner.

First preview of the Ebbe Linden Bear

First ever Ebbe Linden Bear now available

There are vendors dotted around the 2019 SL Christmas Expo regions where you can now buy the first ever Ebbe Linden Bear for a one off L$250 donation which goes to the American Cancer Society. Wooot!!! 🙂

Ebbe Altberg joined Linden Lab as CEO back in early February 2014 and for years there has been a demand from the SL community for Ebbe to create his own Linden Bear. It’s great that he now has a Linden Bear for everyone to collect now.

Vendor Stats as of 2.24am SLT on 6th December 2019

Teleport Link

First preview of the 4th Linden Home Theme at the Linden Reveal region

Around 6am SLT today the 2019 SL Christmas Expo opened it’s doors to the public. Shortly afterwards the Linden Reveal region opened up to everyone showcasing the new 4th Linden Home theme which is Victorian. From first glance the new area looks beautiful and I think the Moles have done a great job.

Check this out!

Teleport and discover the new 4th Linden Homes theme now

SL Christmas Expo Opens Thursday 5th December 2019

American Cancer Society island

The 9th annual SL Christmas Expo opens officially in Second Life on Thursday 5th through until Sunday 15th December 2019. This year the expo will feature over 170 merchants, a snowman contest, gaches, raffles, a kids fashion runway show, christmas entertainment and much more. The first ever Ebbe Linden Bear will be revealed on 5th December and will be available for a L$250 donation to the American Cancer Society.

Everyone’s attention will probably go the 4th unveil for the new Linden Homes that will launch very soon. The good news is that one lucky bidder will receive a 6 month Premium Membership and a 4th Edition of Linden Home with exclusive seasonal content located in a special parcel just for them.

The Linden Reveal region north of the SL Christmas Expo regions is worth keeping your eyes on. The homes have been kept under the radar in recent weeks. Apparently pictures and a teleport will be posted here sometime on Thursday 5th December 2019. Check often throughout the day.

There are 12 regions for the SL Christmas Expo 2019 this year. Check out the first preview of the map of the regions below.

Stay updated on the latest news here on the SL Christmas Expo website.

3 days to GO!