Linden Lab laid off over 20 staffers working on Sansar

According to various sources this week it looks like over 20 staff members working on Sansar have been laid off. The latest numbers estimates is anywhere between 20 and 30. It’s always sad for anyone that have lost their jobs in real life. I hope they can all find a way forward somehow. 

This week a Linden Lab spokesperson said this…

We have no comment at this time, but we’re continuing to develop both Second Life and Sansar, and we’re excited about the many new partnerships and features on tap for 2020!

On NWN Gindipple said this…

“That’s the spin they going with now,” as longtime third party Sansar developer “Gindipple” tells me. “They’ve changed direction so many times now. They are winging this and hoping. I gave up on them a while ago, so don’t care as much now. They lost a lot of good people in this cut back, some went to SL but many [are] just out.

“And the thing is, when a company does this,” he adds with irony, “the remaining people come to work so highly motivated now.”

It’s unclear at this stage what this means for the Sansar development going forward. Apparently some of the layoffs include longtime Lindens who worked on Second Life. 

  • New partnerships joining with Sansar in 2020 ?

The Future of Sansar 

The focus has now changed from the Sansar Team to a move towards “live” events. It does look like for the moment Sansar will be operating a “skeleton crew”. 

Sansar will not be closed down or sold however it could eventually be a spinoff company which may be a separate product from Linden Lab sometime in the 2020s. 

The Future of Second Life

The good news is that Linden Lab is still improving Second Life and they are still hiring for Second Life development.