New Snapshots Of The Old Linden Home Continents

Old Linden Homes land selection page

The old Linden Homes are still worth exploring as there is so much to discover across the continents. These old Linden Homes are still available on the land selection page if you wanted a home in Second Life while the Bellisseria continent is being built.

There are many beautiful areas to live across the old Linden Homes continents from parks, water areas, sandboxes, infohubs, themed areas, underwater areas and much more. Yes, there is alot of empty homes. The lab could make them cheaper or even free so folks can move into them.

It would be lovely if all the old Linden Home continents could merge together and put next to the Bellisseria continent. There would be plenty of choice in terms of themed homes, areas to visit, events and more. One super-massive Linden homes continent on the grid instead of it being spread out all over the place. There is space to do this with some adjustments. 

Just think of the all of the roadways, bridges, docks, water regions/oceans, airports, railways that could all be connected up. 

I hope Linden Lab don’t shut these old Linden Homes down next year or the year after. There are hundreds of nice regions which would deeply impact the overall total amount of main grid regions if it faced closure. The Second Life economy health is at risk here. 

There is huge opportunity here both new Linden Homes and old Linden Homes in the long term. 

Meadowbrook Infohub

Enjoy clean, simple living in one of these California Modern style homes.


Tahoe Infohub

Escape to one of several rustic cabin retreats. Perfect for camping or an outdoorsy getaway.


Elderglen Infohub

Venture forth and behold several fantasy-themed dwellings designed to bring out the adventurer in you.


Shareta Osumai Infohub

Surround yourself with peace, serenity and good fortune in one of several traditional Japanese-style homes.


Nice little areas around the old Linden Homes.

Underwater area at Hiwa

Kabu Bridge

Tahoe Eagle

Katsuo Dock

Poll: Should Linden Lab keep the old Linden homes on the grid ?


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