Linden Lab Launches New Second Life Blogger Network

On Thursday 26th September Linden Lab officially launches the brand new Second Life Blogger Network (SLBN) which aims to promote high-quality independent blog content to the Second Life community. This is a good way to be featured on the Second Life social media channels and the Second Life Community pages and soon on the official Second Life Viewer login page.

This is a new initiative run by Linden Lab which aims to promote content like “how-to tutorials, fashion makeovers and/or looks, community and event news and destination walk-throughs” along with much more.

This is a great opportunity to reach a wider audience if you run your own Second Life blog. This new program is free and non-exclusive. More traffic to your blog is always a good thing.

How is this going to work ?

The Second Life Blogger Network aims to drive traffic directly to your own blog via summaries of and links to curated posts selected from participating bloggers including the use of a brief text intro using the opening sentences of your post and usually one related image from the post. Readers will be directed to click through a link that directs them to your site to read the entire article or blog post.

Interested in participating ?

  1. Review the SLBN Terms & Conditions and Content Guidelines. This initiative does not aim to influence the editorial content of your independent blog, but we do have standards for the text and image content of those posts that we will promote. For example, images with nudity and/or copyright-violating content will not be considered for promotion.

  2. If you want to participate, fill out the submission form and consider adding the optional Second Life Blogger Network badge to your website. You can grab the badge and learn about guidelines for placement here.

  3. Once you have opted-in, you are eligible to participate! We will then watch your blog for consideration for potential inclusion in our curated Community News thread and social media channels.

  4. Linden Lab staffers will frequently review posts from participating bloggers. While not all of your new posts will be selected each day, we do aim to promote several entries during the week from the pool of participating bloggers.

  5. Want to opt-out and no longer participate? Simply let us know by selecting the opt-out notification on the submission form and we’ll stop monitoring your blog for our curated news thread.

What are your views on the new Second Life Blogger Network ?

Will you opt-in ?



5 thoughts on “Linden Lab Launches New Second Life Blogger Network

    1. I’m such a publicity ho, I take every mention of my name as a positive. Even if it comes from the sworn enemy of the people, LL. Besides, I don’t think they’ll find much content worthy of their network in my commie bloggo anyway. =^.^=


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