Linden Lab disables Auto Refresh for Linden Homes

The land selection page

Within the past hour Patch Linden has posted a new update on the Linden Homes section on the Second Life Forums saying that for all those continuously refreshing to get a new Linden home you will now start seeing an error page. The land section page is still working and apparently it may get a revamp later this year.

Here is the full update by Patch Linden

Hi folks! We are all beyond excited that the new Linden Homes parcels in the Bellisseria continent have been so well received.  The Moles and various Lindens are hard at work creating more, and those will be made available just as soon as possible. But …. with all the attention you are all giving the new homes it’s making our web servers sad.  We know that some people are using a plug-in or a browser feature to reload the home selection page, and as much as we admire the tenacity, we need to pump the brakes a bit on that traffic.  Pretty soon you will start to see an error page if you have your browser set to continuously refresh those pages.  No need to fear!  The website is still functional.  It’s just to give our servers a little breather.  You will be able to resume activity again after the timeout period is over. Additionally, we are actively looking at ways of making the Linden Homes selection process a little more streamlined.  Look for these changes to be coming to a Linden Homes selection page near you in the future.


The lab knows that many people are either using a browser feature or plug-in to reload the land selection page every day and this is putting a lot of strain on the Linden servers apparently. The lab have now put the brakes on the traffic. New Linden Homes are being released every week along with a whole bunch of new regions. The new continent is expanding more quickly now.

New area opens up! 

New area comes online


Stay tuned for futher updates soon.