Last Day of SL16B

Today is the last day to visit the SL16B regions before they disappear for another year. It’s been another great birthday celebration organised by Linden Lab and the Moles. The exhibits have been awesome and the live events have been great once again.

The meet the linden live sessions were very popular this year. I loved the free gifts area, the preview of the new camper van park, the new Linden homes and the love heart shaped area. I enjoyed greeting visitors at various points around the birthday regions and giving out useful information. 

The countdown will start tomorrow for SL17B. I can’t wait to see what will happen for next year. 

What did you enjoy about SL16B this year ? 

Some snapshots from JulyFest 2019

On Saturday 6th July marked JulyFest from 12pm to 6pm SLT over at the new Bellisseria Fairgrounds. There was a large audience for this event with a variety of live music throughout the day. Here are some of my snapshots I took at the weekend.