An Open Letter to Linden Lab Petition Fast Approaching 2, 500 Signatures

About three days ago a new petition was setup by Second Life residents called An Open Letter to Linden Lab on the website which is fast approaching 2, 500 signatures. The open letter is aimed at Ebbe Altberg and the Linden Lab team mainly.

The open letter was written on the behalf of a population of residents within Second Life who have been disheartened about the latest pricing changes. It’s important to note that Linden Lab has the final say on these matters. The petition is waiting for an official response from Linden Lab.

Feel free to sign the petition here


5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Linden Lab Petition Fast Approaching 2, 500 Signatures

  1. The petition went on and on , but basically- don’t cut our cash out fee.

    Many Linden employees were residents first . The Moles did a fantastic job in Bellisseria, I don’t see why the Lab should hire role players – that area did just fine commerce free.

    “consider hiring expert residents as consultants for both the Second Life experience and Second Life policy updates and changes. Not just residents of yours or our choosing that seem particularly well-recognized or popular, but residents who can demonstrate competence and expertise in various Second Life areas (roleplay, music, events, adult entertainment, etc.)” Hire me ,I strip and work a mean tip jar?

    The Lab is a private business. “we are necessary and important pieces of Second Life who deserve to be heard and with whom should be amply informed, if not consulted, regarding major changes.” No, you don’t deserve. Go to office hours, townhalls – a lot is shared. Do you express opinions there? File feature requests via JIRAs?

    A 2.5 increase with the land decrease is really nothing these days. Raise the item from 300 to 308 then back off the land savings.

    Signing the petition “Your residents” – they do not speak for me. Thank you. And naming “delegates”, oh just so NO.

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