New Costner Bay Airstrip Area Discovered

First landing at the new airstrip

A new airstrip has appeared in the Costner Bay area on the new Bellisseria continent featuring a huge open area and docking point. It’s not yet known what else will be added here at this stage.

At the moment there are no rezzing areas so it’s probably best to travel in from somewhere nearby. The area does not yet show on the map. I would expect it will show within the next day or so.

Teleport to Costner Bay

A view of the new area

More new Linden Homes and Houseboats have been built within the past week. I would imagine the third batch will be released before the end of June 2019.

New houseboats area
New homes added this week

An Open Letter to Linden Lab Petition Fast Approaching 2, 500 Signatures

About three days ago a new petition was setup by Second Life residents called An Open Letter to Linden Lab on the website which is fast approaching 2, 500 signatures. The open letter is aimed at Ebbe Altberg and the Linden Lab team mainly.

The open letter was written on the behalf of a population of residents within Second Life who have been disheartened about the latest pricing changes. It’s important to note that Linden Lab has the final say on these matters. The petition is waiting for an official response from Linden Lab.

Feel free to sign the petition here