New Linden Homes Teaser

New houseboats area_001

UPDATE: 7th June: New regions have been added = SSPE89, SSPE90, SSPE105, SSPE106 and SSPE107. Not visible on the map yet. Looks like new houseboats area will be launching soon and a red circle. The empty green space nearby will be used for more new Linden homes.

New Linden Homes area

The new Linden homes development area is starting to take shape on the new Bellisseria continent which is still under construction. These new Linden homes can be found in four joined regions from SSPE71, SSPE72, SSPE73 and SSPE74. There could be as many as 80 new houses which will come available probably sometime this month. No ETA yet.

From the air looking down they look very nice now with the roadways and pathways connected but it’s not finished yet. Patch Linden said this yesterday on Wednesday 5th June 2019…

Wed, Jun 05 2019 8:38:52 AM PDT

Patch Linden: See that region there to the east? (SSPE71 – SSPE74)
Patch Linden: Remember when I said we might try something different?
Patch Linden: Just keep your eyes on that
Patch Linden: We’ve got a little bit of a competition on resources with SL16B right now too, but I promise we’re still working on more

The lab are focused on SL16B which starts in exactly two weeks time so I’ll be surprised if these new Linden homes will be fully ready before then. If they do become available within the next few weeks then I would imagine they sell out pretty fast like the houseboats batch did.

Before (24th May) 

Now (6th June) 

Stay tuned for newer updates soon.