No Changes for Free Basic Members On Group Limits

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Linden Lab have listened to the strong and convincing feedback within the past 48 hours or so from the Second Life community and there will be NO CHANGES for free Basic accounts which is most welcome news indeed. That means all free Basic accounts will continue to use the limit of 42 groups which makes perfect sense. Premium Members will still see their limits increased from 60 to 70 next month.

See the new blog announcement..

We’ve since heard strong and convincing feedback from many in our community about the impact of changing Group Membership limits for Basic accounts. For example, many Residents have shared how they rely heavily on Groups to stay informed about new product releases as Merchants use this feature to regularly communicate news and updates to their customers, and how much Groups are used for keeping communities active.

We hear your concerns and, as a result, Group Membership limits for Basic Residents will NOT be reduced as part of our Premium Membership changes rolling out on June 24. While Basic Members will continue to have an unchanged limit of 42 groups, all Premium Members will still see their limits increased from 60 to 70.

Here is the revised summary of Premium feature changes (effective 24th June 2019)

The lab are listening carefully to feedback on the new pricing changes…

Please see the original blog post for all pricing changes planned for June 24.  Land prices will decrease as announced on June 3, and existing Premium Members can lock in their current rates for one more billing cycle.* Simply pre-pay between June 3 and the end of the day on June 24 to extend your current Membership by one more cycle at the current low rate.

Thank you again for all of the feedback. We do not make these kinds of decisions lightly but are always open to the feedback, criticism, and ideas from our incredible community, and willing to listen and learn.

* We will update our blog when the availability to lock in your current rate goes live on Monday. If you have any trouble accessing the website on that day, please note that it may be due to an increase in traffic and that the option will be available until the end of the day on June 24th.

Grumpity Linden posted some very interesting stats on the SL Forums yesterday evening on the estimated members on Basic accounts and Premium subscribers.

We have approximately 90,000 basic members with 36 or more groups. We have approximately 10,000 premium subscribers with 55 or more groups. This is not a 1:1 change.