SL16B regions open to exhibitors

SL16B is just around the corner 

Apparently the SL16B regions opened to exhibitors on Sunday 26th May. Successful exhibitors received notecards notifying them they had been accepted for the upcoming Second Life 16th birthday celebrations. They were then invited into the SL16B Exhibitors group then showed a plot to get started on the west side of the birthday regions.

The SL16B regions are starting to look very nice on the map however a lot of work still has to be done before the big grand opening.

  • SL16B opens to the public on 20th June through until 8th July 2019
  • Training sessions are now underway for SL16B greeters
  • Patch Linden has confirmed that there will be a preview of the next style homes at SL16B – (see the south east corner)

(6th May vs 27th May)

Extended Applications Update

Please spread the word about SL16B!