Follow The Bellisserian Newspaper & Bellisseria Happenings

The Bellisserian Newspaper

Check out the new Bellisserian Newspaper that has been recently been created for citizens of the new Bellisseria continent in Second Life. This is a good source to stay updated on the latest news, interviews, events, continent services, places to visit and much more. The first edition of the newspaper is out today! 🙂

This is a resident-run newspaper and already it’s been pretty popular across the new continent. I’ll be following this newspaper regularly now with big interest to see whats going on across the continent.

The Bellisserian Newspaper pages…

  • Community – main front page of the newspaper with the latest news
  • Classifieds & Ads – public services listed here
  • Helpful Info – privacy and security information
  • Blogs – list of bloggers on the new continent
  • Landmarks – places to visit including rez zones, points of interest and more
  • Links – community groups to join
  • Contact – list of reporters, editors & photographers

Check out the new Community website.

Bellisseria Happenings 

A new dedicated events page called the Bellisseria Happenings is showing a list of upcoming live music events happening on the Bellisseria continent. There are DJ beach parties and Sunday pickle parties happening every weekend until 2020. More events will be listed here in the weeks ahead.

Bellisseria is a vibrant, friendly, active, Linden Homes continent in the virtual world of Second Life. With so many wonderful, creative people hosting so many exciting gatherings and events, this page is dedicated to helping keep you up to date with upcoming notice of doings in Bellisseria.

If you have an event happening in Bellisseria, please use the contact page to have us post it.

Please spread the word about the The Bellisserian Newspaper & Bellisseria Happenings events page. Thanks! 🙂