New Linden Homes being set up in SSPE71 & SSPE72

Within the past 12 hours or so it looks like new Linden Homes are being set up in the SSPE71 & SSPE72 regions of the new Bellisseria continent. There is not much to see at the moment apart from the parcel green outlines. There may be a few new Houseboats added soon around these regions. There is no ETA on when these new Linden Homes will be available.

It’s going to be interesting watching the Moles build this new area in the days ahead. It’s best to watch from a distance so the Moles can get on with their work here.


Watch out for the new danger sign in these regions. If you click the sign this message appears…

[06:55] Under Construction Sign:: Please pardon the dust. Access to this region has been temporarily restricted while we work to bring you more Linden Homes. Please don’t bother the Moles while they are working. The faster they can complete their work the faster homes can be made available.

There is a new road interchange section in the SSPE72 which is not connected to any roads at the moment.

Stay tuned for newer continent developments in the weeks ahead.