Scenes from Bay City 11th Anniversary Celebrations in Second Life

Bay City celebrates 11 years in Second Life 

Bay City 11th Anniversary

Here are some snapshots I took yesterday afternoon (19th May) from Bay City 11th anniversary celebrations including the parade, the conga line and live music concert. It was such a fun and joyful celebration this year. The attendance was high this year with at least 50 residents taking part and having a great time.

It’s hard to believe Bay City first opened on the grid back in May 2008 and since then Bay City has become one of the most popular communities in Second Life to visit. It’s doubled in size, hosted fantastic annual events, published regular Bay City posts and so much more.

I have enjoyed blogging about Bay City since the second anniversary and all of the other Bay City annual events that have happened over the years. Join the Bay City groups inworld to stay updated on all the latest news and events.

Today there are many great attractions to visit in Bay City including the Harbour Railway, Municipal Airport, Hairy Hippo Fun Land, Hotel Falmouth and the Bay City Center. There is more to discover along route 66 and surrounding areas.

Gathering at the bandstand
Parade travelling down route 66
Waving the flag
Conga time!
Live music and dancing

Happy 11th Anniversary Bay City!