New Second Life Release Notes Website

New Release Notes website

On Thursday 16th May Steven Linden announced some interesting news about a brand new dedicated website for Second Life viewer release notes. All upcoming new releases will now be shown on the brand new release notes website. All previous release notes will be archived on the Second Life Wiki.

Here is the full blog post…

Over seven years ago, I posted my first set of Viewer release notes to the Second Life Wiki, where we have kept all of our release notes to this day. Over the years, we’ve made some minor tweaks to the appearance and how we generate them, but for they most part they have remained the same.

While the wiki has served us well for release notes, it’s time to improve their readability and browsability. We’ve been putting together the finishing touches to a new website dedicated solely to release notes, with a new look and feel that makes the individual pages easier to find, and easier to read – take a look!

Previous release notes will still be archived on the wiki, however, new releases will be shared and published on the new website.

Our goal is to improve overall accessibility and ease in browsing and reviewing release notes. I, personally, am excited to see the dedicated new website and hope you are too!

Steven Linden  

The new release notes website looks so much nicer and cleaner now. The navigation menu on the left hand side is very useful and fast to navigate around. The last five recent viewer releases are now shown along with useful pages like repositories, version numbering and the viewer support policy. At the top of each release notes page the operating systems are displayed nicely.

The most recent Release Notes update

Great work Linden Lab! 🙂