First preview of the second batch of new houseboats

First Preview 

Let us in

It appears the new second batch of new houseboats have arrived next to the new Bellisseria continent. The lab have moved over the new houseboat expansion in the past 48 hours or so however they are still not accessible to everyone yet. If you max out the draw distance to 1024 (m) in preferences you can move around the new houseboat regions.

Teleport to the (Le Prince) region in Second Life and have a look at the new houseboats.

The houseboat parcels are to set to 32 x 32 (1024 sq) and 16 x 64 (1024 sq). If you zoom into the houseboats (green specs) there are new region names. From first glance it looks really nice and the layout is great. There is a new pickle shop in the centre where you can get free jar of pickles lol.

I would imagine we will see these new houseboat regions open sometime this week. It looks highly likely now.

The new houseboats location = loading

View looking down at the new houseboats


Looks nice


The Pickle Shop & Jar of Pickles (Free)



3 thoughts on “First preview of the second batch of new houseboats

  1. Reblogged this on Thar She Blows! and commented:
    More houseboats. :/ You know my reservations regarding these things: Not only are houseboats a ultra cheap and lazy solution for the Lindens to produce new homes for the stupid masses but also the alternative living concept of living on a houseboat looses allm its appeal and is just not cool and hip anymore.
    But what do I care?

    Thanks Daniel for giving us a first glance of the new houseboat ghetto. 😉

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  2. I think it shows two things. (1) The huge demand for waterfront land. (2) The huge demand for an area without the security orbs and ban lines of the mainland.


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