Live Updates: Second Batch of Houseboats sold out

Latest Updates – Second Batch of Houseboats 


11.15am SLT It took 27 minutes for the new houseboats (709) to sell out.

Patch Linden made this announcement within the past hour…

The Houseboats are available to select as we release them via the Linden Homes Land selection page, and access to the continent addition is open.  We will have a set of region restarts to go through, so please bear with us as that happens if you enter the regions right away.

We know they will go very quickly, but as time goes on we will get more out, and hopefully faster.

Our next focus will be to bring more Traditional Homes plus more Houseboats in another smaller launch while working in parallel to a larger launch and an exciting new theme. 
As usual, stay tuned here for more updates!


10am SLT The new Houseboats expansion is open to the public and the second batch is now available here

[10:30] Patch Linden: Ok, we’re technically out of homes again, but we’re seeing the churn that comes after where they are abandoned and snapped back up.

[10:35] Patch Linden: This is that time when those that abandon have a real chance at losing their home sadly and someone else picking it up


8.05 SLT

  • Patch Linden: Hehe, really soon, we’re going through our deploy checklist now 🙂

8.01am SLT

  • Rolling restarts are now underway. Over 70 residents waiting at the border to cross
  • Announcement expected shortly. Could be anytime now.
  • 709 new Houseboats (pending)



  • 5.22am SLT (15th) 
  • Second Batch release of new Houseboats expected anytime between 7am – 3pm SLT today – estimated ETA
  • Land Selection Page

Check out the new Houseboat region names on the right. Regions are still closed to the public this morning.

Region names.PNG


  • 10.50pm SLT (14th):
  • Patch Linden said today that the launch will not happen before 7am SLT today

Over 40 residents waiting at the border

Within the past hour Patch Linden has posted a newer update today on the The New Linden Homes Update Post via SL Forums. The good news is that the second batch of Houseboats will be ready for release within the next 24 hours. The new houseboat expansion is now in it’s final position and will not be moving according to Quartz Mole.

Howdy everyone!

While I’d love to give more notice than this, it is looking like we will have another batch of Houseboats ready for release within the next 24 hours.  This is as much of a forewarning I can provide, because of the complexity behind the work that is going into these releases.  Each release requires the coordination of several teams, and having all of the resources line up to hit the “go button” is pretty organic.  As soon as we are able to do so, I will post another update here!

I will post more updates in the days ahead.


First preview of the second batch of new houseboats

First Preview 

Let us in

It appears the new second batch of new houseboats have arrived next to the new Bellisseria continent. The lab have moved over the new houseboat expansion in the past 48 hours or so however they are still not accessible to everyone yet. If you max out the draw distance to 1024 (m) in preferences you can move around the new houseboat regions.

Teleport to the (Le Prince) region in Second Life and have a look at the new houseboats.

The houseboat parcels are to set to 32 x 32 (1024 sq) and 16 x 64 (1024 sq). If you zoom into the houseboats (green specs) there are new region names. From first glance it looks really nice and the layout is great. There is a new pickle shop in the centre where you can get free jar of pickles lol.

I would imagine we will see these new houseboat regions open sometime this week. It looks highly likely now.

The new houseboats location = loading

View looking down at the new houseboats


Looks nice


The Pickle Shop & Jar of Pickles (Free)