Poll Results: Traditional Homes Wins

On 1st May I created a new poll to see what everyone preferred more in terms of the different house types on the new Bellisseria continent. The poll was open for a week and in total there were 66 votes. Thanks to everyone that voted.

I personally thought that the houseboats would come out on top as there will be many new houseboat areas opening very soon. Traditional Homes won the poll with 64% of the total vote. Houseboats only had 38% of the vote. I know some that would like to have both house types.

Latest SSP Updates – As of 10th May 2019

  • The lab are working on some completely new themes of houses to release on new regions over the coming months (have not been built yet). I’ll create another poll when we hear more about the new themes.
  • The red and green markets have now disappeared on the houseboats expansion area south of the original SSP continent.
  • Final testing is underway and they are working on releasing the new houseboats very soon. There is still quite a bit of checking and double checking to do.
  • There is a houseboat region joined on with the SLB regions in the south east corner.

The demand is huge now and interest is growing on a daily basis to get a new home. The new Linden Homes section of the SL Forums is a good hub for the latest discussion.


One thought on “Poll Results: Traditional Homes Wins

  1. Methinks the type of home isn’t as important for Belliseria’s success as its location. The former Linden Homes (n00bie ghettos) were almost shamefully hidden away in some unknown corners of the grid, like unloved stepchilds. Their terraforming was listless and the usage very restricted. So whoever moved in such a home mostly used it as a closet to get dressed and experiment with their avies. It’s al the first bunch of LL Homes are good for.
    Belliseria, on the other hand, enables a communal lifestyle with public places and airfields, and first of all connected waterways, and that’s what people are looking for. Even hardcore mainlanders, such as myself, are going to visit our friends and party there.

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