SLB regions under construction

As many know Second Life officially turns 16 years old next month on 23rd June 2019 and construction work has already started over at the SLB Build regions for the upcoming big birthday celebrations.

The celebrations start on 20th June through until 8th July 2019. As you can see below there are 20 regions to explore which will be reflecting on the 1950s theme. I was born in the 90s so this is way before my time.

Work has already started on the pathways and main building areas across the SLB regions. Exhibitors will be allowed soon to start building on their parcels and as always it will be great to see it all take shape.

Applications still open but will be closing next week. 

In the SLB 20 Build region below there is a connected houseboats region which is rather interesting and this could mean a third batch/new themes are in the works. We will have to wait and see.

There is a SLB Dev region north of the SLB regions which looks rather interesting. This region is a development region.

I’ll be posting more updates very soon on SL16B.


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