New Linden Home houseboats are coming soon

New Rez Zones – 23rd April Update 

New Rez Zones have been created on the new continent. Yay!

It’s been a week since Linden Lab launched the new Linden Homes in Second Life and hundred’s of residents have already moved into the new Bellisseria continent. Patch Linden posted The New Linden Homes Update Post last Thursday saying that in less than 48 hours the new Traditional Homes and Houseboats have been claimed. The lab are very happy and overwhelmed at all the positive responses so far.

More houseboats will be coming very soon followed by additional Traditional homes and newer themes. The new houseboats are most likely to be opened on a brand new eastern island on the new part of Bellisseria continent which is due to open very soon.

Currently the new Traditional Homes and Houseboats are out of stock as of 18th April 2019. There is no ETA on the next batch!

Current Inventory Status (18 April 2019 @ 7:30am SLT )

Traditional Homes:  Out of Stock
Houseboats:  Out of Stock

Check the update post above for the latest inventory status.

New Developments

In the last week a new 48 region SSP development has came online just south of the original SSP development area which clearly shows new docking areas which will be used for new houseboats. It’s not clear if these regions will move somewhere else or stay where they are placed now.

On the top right side of the original SSP development area some new SSPXT regions have come online. These regions could be used for more houseboats or something else.

The eastern island of SSP = (SSP157) is where the extra houseboats are going to go it’s believed. The eastern island and the southern area has not joined up yet on the new Bellisseria continent.

New water regions added 

Eighteen new water sims have appeared (Blue Abyss) on the north-east coast of Jeogeot continent which links with the new continental sea channel up to the Bellisseria continent.

I will post more updates soon! 🙂