The return of Last Names – April 2019 Update

Daniel Voyager @danielvoyager

Poll Results

Last week I ran a poll for 24 hours on Twitter asking everyone if they would like to see Last Names back on the Second Life sign up page. The poll received 57 votes and 93% say YES they want to see Last Names return again.

I think there is high demand out there from the Second Life community and most have been waiting for ages for this to happen however progress has been slow. As many know already when new residents that join Second Life today they end up having “Resident” after the first name and not a second name from a drop down menu like before.

April 2019 Update

Last Names was stopped around 8 years ago!

The lab promised this was going to happen last year at number 7 in the list via the fifteen reasons to celebrate Second Life 15th birthday blog post. Most of the list as of today has either been completed or near completion now.

7. The return of Last Names – You’ve asked for it (a lot!), so we will provide a way to customize your last name in Second Life! More details will be available later this year.

The last update I heard was back in September 2018 during a town hall gathering when Ebbe Altberg said that the return of last names to Second Life was still being implemented and work may not be completed before the end of 2018. It’s now April 2019 and still no announcements as such.

On 14th April 2019 I posted a photo of the new Second Life signup page via Twitter which is now live. Ebbe Altberg tweeted on 15th April saying “We definitely have higher priorities right now” so I’m thinking from this that Last Names probably won’t happen until 2020 or even later.

There should be a option to change the name after signing up to Second Life which could be a possible solution with a small fee. It’s probably going to work better as a premium benefit.

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