Linden Lab Launches New Second Life Mini-Series – “Love Made in SL”

Logo by Marianne McCann, courtesy of Linden Lab

On Monday 11th February Linden Lab announced the new Second Life Mini Series called “Love Made in SL”. This new limited run mini series will be “showcasing the many real stories of romance in the virtual lives of the Second Life community”. This is great news I think.

In the next few months the lab plans on unveiling a series of short video profiles that tells the stories of couples finding love in Second Life.

Wolf and Teal

Here is the first episode featuring the first couple named Teal from the United States and Wolf from the United Kingdom. They both met 10 years ago at the Tiny community of Raglan Shire in Second Life. Wooooot!!!!

After a few years of a long distance relationship Teal decided to move from the US to the UK to be with Wolf. They are getting married this week.

This is lovely news and I hope they have a great wedding this week. I wish them all the very best for the future in SL and in real life.

Future episodes of “Love Made in SL” will be uploaded soon via the Second Life YouTube channel.


3 thoughts on “Linden Lab Launches New Second Life Mini-Series – “Love Made in SL”

  1. Lovely story 🙂 … i am glad i found sl .. and found Jeffah .. my name is katiaportugal.genesis knows as KATIA and my partner’s name is Jeffah24 .. we met in sl 2014 january and we partnered 20th of february 2014 .. we are both singers in sl and we met for the first time 2015 in setember when i flew in canada to visit him .. since then he came to portugal with his parents 2016 january and he moved here in portugal 2016 at july .. and we are together and still singing in sl … its what we like to do 🙂 thanks to SL …


  2. oh and we celebrated this 20th of february 5 years together in both lifes 🙂 ,,,, we live in porutgal in Lisbon ..thank you Second Life


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