Islandz Grid closing down within 10 days

  • The Islandz Discord has gone offline – 29th January

The Islandz grid will be sadly closing down sometime within the next 10 days according to Elenia via the Islandz Discord channel on Monday 28th January 2019.

Elenia says that the grid is “not sustainable” and says “we’re not even remotely close”. Elenia goes on to say that “people are disheartened at the lack of content we could restore and I don’t blame them”.

As a former InWorldz/Islandz resident this is sad news for the community. I feel sorry for Elenia and Jim who have put so much hard work to start a new grid from the ground up. I understand the reasons for doing this. The grid just reached the 1, 000 users mark on Sunday morning that have opt-in. It was starting to get good with the regions growing.

I guess everyone will now have to find a new grid to move to.


9 thoughts on “Islandz Grid closing down within 10 days

  1. She can’t sell her bike because it’s not the right season? WT actual F??? If you don’t ride your bike year round you’re not worthy of riding it in sunshine! Rain or shine, a bike is the best thing to commute.

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  2. Nothing sad about it – She is once again showing what a self serving narcissist she truly is.

    Screwing over every creator who had put trust in her by sending full OAR files to everyone?

    This is NOT a person who should ever be in charge of a grid every again.

    What a nutcase.

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