Upcoming 2019 Interesting Events Happening In Second Life

There are many big interesting events happening on the Second Life grid during 2019. There is much to look forward to this year including fund-raising events, big anniversaries, annual events, live music concerts, Linden supported events (town halls/Lab chats) and much more.

A new year means there will be events for valentine’s day, easter, summer, halloween and christmas. Can’t wait for those ones.

Around the clock in Second Life there is always events happening including live dj events, classes, openings and more. There are exclusive shopping and fashion events in Second Life and featured events which are always worth attending every month. There are popular Second Life hunts happening every month which are always exciting to go to.

Here are some of the popular events happening in Second Life during 2019 which you may be interested in attending with friends and family. All the green dates below means it’s been confirmed already.

There are more annual events that happen for BURN2, Relay For Life and Bay City throughout the year. To stay updated join groups inworld for the latest updates and events.

Please spread the word and mark these events on your calendars. Feel free to comment if you know of any more big events happening in 2019 and I’ll add them to the list above.


Rio 2019 in Second Life

Starting 2019 on the beach

I’m starting my 2019 adventures in Second Life on the beach at Rio. This is a really nice place to get some new year sunshine.

The Copacabana Rio region in Second Life is a beautiful destination to visit and everyone should check it out. Enjoy a swim, relax on the chair next to the fire, take in the amazing views from above, go shopping, walk the long beach and see the dolphins.

Christ the redeemer statue

Everyone should teleport up to the amazing christ the redeemer statue and see the incredible views of Rio. It’s absolutely breathtaking and worth doing.

Christ the redeemer statue walkway
Teleport board
The long beach
Seating and fire area on the beach
View from the sea
Nice views all around

What do you think of Rio in Second Life or in real life if you have been ?