My Top 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts For 2018

Here are my top 10 most viewed blog posts for 2018. This is my last blog post of the year. For 2018 I’ve posted more than 100 blog posts, received 293 likes and 146 comments. There are now 738 following my blog.

Stats 2018
My 2018 Blog Stats

For 2018 my blog has received 43, 452+ blog views and there have been 21, 020+ visitors. Thanks so much for reading my blog this year.

Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2018

1 = being the most viewed blog post

  1. Second Life Last Names Returning Late 2018 
  2. InWorldz Closing Down This Week
  3. Linden Lab reduces Mainland costs by over 10 percent & doubles Mainland allotment for Premium members
  4. New continent of 80 SSP regions arrives on the grid
  5. New Linden Project Elemenoh Appears & SLB Regions Arrive On The Grid
  6. New Firestorm Viewer Update (
  7. New SL15B Infographic
  8. New Second Life Join Page Goes Live
  9. Kitely Market sales jump 300% since InWorldz shut down last week
  10. Pete Linden leaves Linden Lab after 9 years

Farewell 2018

Thanks to everyone that has viewed my blog this year and commented. Thanks to all those that have subscribed to my blog during 2018. I loved attending the annual events, helping out when I can and blogging about what’s going on. It’s been great fun.

Stats 2018
My 2018 Annual Blog Stats

2019: The Year Ahead

I can’t wait to blog more on Second Life, OpenSim and Sansar. I’m sure it’s going to be another interesting year for sure.

Just like to say finally happy new year 2019 to everyone. Let it bring you more happiness and more amazing memories.