Statistics On Sansar Launch On Steam

Steam statistics on Sansar

Steam Charts Statistics

Sansar officially launched on Steam on 5th December 2018 and here are the statistics which Steam collects on Sansar. Sansar Charts calls it “An ongoing analysis of Steam’s concurrent players”. It looks like the launch of Sansar according to Steam’s statistics managed an all time peak of 72 players on 6th December 2018.

  • Times on the graphs are UK time for reference
  • Linden Lab don’t publish official statistics on Sansar but they do count them all

On 6th December CEO Ebbe Altberg said this in the official Sansar Discord channel:

Steam tracks [people] logged in via Steam. Gindipple]/Galen log people in [Sansar] experiences that are public. We [Linden Lab] count them all – regardless how they logged in, where they are or what they do. 3 different numbers where ours will always be the bigger, sum of all, number.

AppID Statistics

Now let’s look at Sansar on the AppID page showing some interesting statistics including current players, the 24 hour peak and the all time peak. You can view it by day or week.

  • 76 players is the all time peak so far as of 19 hours ago since the Sansar launch on Steam
Sansar AppID Statistics

This graph below shows Sansar players on Steam today showing the past 24 hours. Times are UK time.

Metaverse Machines Statistics

There has definitely been more interest during the past month with a few rather high peaks. Will these numbers grow into the hundreds during 2019 ?

My Thoughts 

Since the launch of Sansar on Steam there have been 37 reviews which has been mainly positive. 30 positive and 7 negative to sum up. It’s been interesting reading them all and hearing what it’s actually like using Sansar.

These are still early days for Sansar on Steam I know and the big question everyone is asking is will Sansar bring in a large number of users in the months ahead ?. Yes I think it will. Probably more users during 2019 & 2020.

The numbers I’ve seen so far are pretty low from the graphs shown above but I say give Sansar more time on Steam and the numbers may get much higher. Seeing these statistics are pretty important I think and hopefully the lab will release theirs in some way during 2019.

If the numbers don’t get higher like into the hundreds or thousands of users or interest remains flat in the next few years the lab could be in trouble. I think Sansar still has big potential.

Linden Lab wants to see the Sansar community grow significantly from now on. The Sansar team will continue to push out new release updates regularly during 2019. It’s important to mention that Sansar is the Early Access phrase at the moment so visibility on Steam is reduced.


5 thoughts on “Statistics On Sansar Launch On Steam

  1. I don’t have high hopes for it. Why? Because I don’t think all understands yet why people like SL.

    SL is and could even be more amazing. Sandra… even the name…

    It’s not Mac friendly.

    People are NOT ready to wear goggles.

    I wish they realized what a diamond SL is and nurture that instead of sticking it to creators over and over to fund Sansar.

    So many thoughts but it’s an epic fail. Even sl had so many users in its early days with worse graphics, more lag, terrible issues.

    Sorry to be negative but it’s sooooooooo not good. SL is an accidently (not really) special and it can’t be replicated or imitated. (As many have tried)

    Imo, they could make it soooo much better, engage the users more so it would spread how it used to.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thanks CarCar for your comment.

      It’s going to be interesting to see what happens to Sansar in 2019. I’m going to give it a chance on Steam and see how the usage numbers stack up. The numbers at the moment are pretty low but experiences in Sansar are on the up.

      I agree Second Life during the early days did have more active users and there was big interest back then. The problem is many thought they would switch over straight away to Sansar when it launched but that really hasn’t happened. Now the lab have decided to try Sansar on Steam to draw in more users. Will this work well next year ? Anything can happen.


  2. I was at a ‘tribute’ concert in Second Life on Thursday night, by coincidence there were 76 avatars at the ‘Pink Floyd ‘ Rebel Yell concert. I just hope that Sansar does not drag Second Life down with it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sam for your comment.

      That’s interesting to hear and that would probably explain why there was a high peak then.

      I think Second Life and Sansar will be around for many more years to come. The big question is will Sansar become more popular in the next few years or will be a failure ?.


  3. Surprisingly, I think Sansar will go crazy awesome in the Steam universe, based on what I know about VRChat. And it’s all about the headsets and trackers. Steam has been pushing heavily on immersion, something that SL has been hamstrung with by Linden Lab. This will only cause the veterans of SL to once again bemoan that the Lindens have forsaken Second Life.
    Frankly, while LL has stated on record that they will continue to support SL, the writing is on the wall that Linden Lab’s new love and primary focus is going to be Sansar.


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