Sansar Reaches High Peak Of 73 Visitors On 1st November

Latest Sansar usage charts – 5th November 2018

On 1st November 2018 Sansar reached a high peak of 73 for monthly public visitors for the first time I think this year from looking at the graphs from Metaverse Machines which gathers various Sansar statistics.

  • As of 4th November – Daily Visitors & Weekly Visitors > 15 – 30+ 
  • As of 1st November – Monthly Visitors > 17 (average) – 73 (peak)

The number of experiences in Sansar have increased from 754 back on 1st November 2017 to 1, 158 on 1st November 2018. It’s good to see growth in new experiences being created monthly in Sansar.

Here are the live stats for Sansar as of 3.18pm SLT on Monday 5th November 2018…

  • There are 1,151 experiences listed
  • There are 15 people in 5 listed experiences now
  • Today’s peak is 22 and average is 10 people
  • 5 experiences visited these past 3 hours
  • 97 experiences visited today
  • 231 experiences visited this month

Steam usage for Sansar 

The lab wants Sansar to be more accessible to a larger audience on the Steam platform in 2019. When Sansar moves over to Steam it will be interesting to see if the numbers will increase futher, stay the same or decline. The lab are gambling on a huge influx of new users with cash to spend to make Sansar more successful in the years ahead.

If the lab gets this right next year I would imagine the Sansar visitor counts will be much higher than it is today maybe into the hundred’s at peaks.

Upcoming changes 

  • The first change is that we will be discontinuing the Sandex as of December 4, 2018.
  • Anyone who has created their Sansar account before December 31, 2018 will receive a legacy conversion rate of S$143 to $1 until December 31, 2019, after which the conversion rate for all accounts will be S$250 to $1.
  • Automated Sansar Dollar Conversion page will not be available until January 2019.