Virtual World Economic Situation Survey #1 Results

The results are now available for the recent Virtual World Economic Situation #1 Survey that was released last week. There were 124 total responses for the survey and the graph visuals are pretty interesting to say the least.

Here is the breakdown of the results: 


39.1% have said that sales lately have not been nothing special however 25.5% say they are having a hard time

SL Income

42.3% say that Second Life is a full-time job and it’s the main income source for them.

Current Economic Situation

The current economic situation results are a pretty mixed bag but most saying it’s struggling, it’s slowly declining and it could be better. There was just a small handful saying its getting better.

There were people saying there are too many events and the overall traffic has decreased. The marketplace seems to be making the most money for the most part.

SL Products

67.3% they make more of apparels, accessories, body parts products etc. Followed by houses, landscapes, decorations etc.

SL Events & Marketplace 

  • 38.1% say that sales from events are very important to them.
  • 80.7% say they have a main store in-world, sales from MP are still very important to them.

Opinions on Events and Marketplace 

  • 61.2% say there are too many events now and 39.8% say events help their businesses advertise.
  • 62% say they have got a lot of sales in Marketplace.

Monthly Average Incomes From SL

Sansar & Other Platforms

51.8% say they don’t think people in Second Life will give up their inventory and 37.3% say that there is a great deal of uncertainly about Sansar. They will stay with Second Life and look forward.

Most people’s opinions about other platforms is that they have no interest in them at the moment. Most are saying that Second Life is still their preferred virtual world and they are not moving over.

There were mentions of SineSpace, VRChat. InWorldz, High Fidelity and of course Sansar. I think give them more time and maybe more that will switch over to other platforms.

It’s worth reading the leave your questions area at the bottom of the results survey page. Some of the answers do go into a lot of detail.

Overall it’s a good snapshot of the current situation for merchants in Second Life. I think these sorts of surveys should be published every year to see if things are getting better or worse.


Pfaffenthal 1867 Shuts Down In Second Life

Today the Pfaffenthal 1867 regions have sadly closed down in Second Life after having a strong presence inworld for many years. Pfaffenthal 1867 is moving over to Sansar because the land is free, the graphics is better, the use of VR headsets and real physical interactivity. 

I understand that the possibilities are big on Sansar however I think it’s a real shame the regions have now left Second Life. The regions were an expansive virtual replica of Pfaffenthal in Luxembourg City. The regions will be missed now it’s all gone in Second Life. It’s a sad day for the Second Life community for sure.

The announcement last week sent out by Hauptmann Weydert reads this…

Dear citizens,

The moment has finally arrived, for the 1867 project to move on to SANSAR, were land is free, where we can have better graphics,VR headsets and real physical interactivity. Note that sansar works very well on a normal PC,for desktop mode you do NOT need a gamer PC.

All the 1867 sims in second life will be shut down next monday, on the 26th of november. Please pack all your stuff by then.

We will have a good bye party, saturday the 24th of november at 10 am at café neuen.
Please join us in SANSAR and be among the first to get a new house there! we have 4×4 km !

cheers to all of you!

Hauptmann Weydert

Earlier today I went for a look around the regions before they went offline. The regions are just wonderful and there was so much to see. Maybe the regions may come back to Second Life in the future. It’s a huge loss and hit to Second Life i think.

Check out my snapshots below…

Farewell Pfaffenthal 1867 

For All SL Merchants – Virtual World Economic Situation Survey

Virtual World Economic Situation Survey

There is a interesting new survey called the Virtual World Economic Situation Survey making the rounds at the moment across the metaverse which is focusing on what Second Life merchants think of the current Second Life economic situation.

  • Survey is now closed + see link above for full results 

The aim of this survey to get enough Second Life merchants filling out this survey so everyone can find out the current economy situation more clearly. There are questions in this survey on sales, monthly incomes, the importance of events, the marketplace, product creations and there is a opinions section on Sansar.

OpenSimulator Community Conference 2018 Starts In 2 Weeks Time

The 2018 Opensimulator Community Conference will be officially happening on Saturday 8th December and Sunday 10th December 2018. This is the sixth year that AvaCon will be running the annual conference and will it will mark 11 years of OpenSim development.

The OpenSimulator Community Conference will feature a series of interesting live presentations & panels showcasing the best of the OpenSim platform.

The conference team is now looking for artists to contribute art to showcase and share with the rest of the OpenSim community. It’s worth mentioning that multiple submissions are welcome this year.

We have some criteria
Size: Fits in 5m x 5m x 7.5m (height)
No timers
No Scanning
Distribution by Copy or by box
No Logos
Keep Resources in consideration.
Polygons Counts up to 25k

If you are interested in submitting art work to be displayed and shared at this year’s conference then please email

This year members of the OpenSim community are invited to schedule community social events on other OpenSim grids leading up to the conference. For more details. see here.

2 weeks and counting 

Full Video: Town Hall Meeting With Linden Lab Execs

On Thursday 15th November 2018 Grumpity Linden, Oz Linden, and Patch Linden hosted a live town hall meeting with the Second Life community to answer many questions. Here is the full video of the special town hall event which runs for 1 hour and 26 seconds. For the live inworld chat during the town hall meeting. see here.

This was a great opportunity for the Second Life community to find out what the Linden Lab execs do behind the scenes and to find out more about the future. There was a good attendance for this town hall meeting.

Things that I took away from the town hall meeting..

  • Linden Lab is pleased with the response to lowering mainland tier. Resident owned mainland is at levels they haven’t seen for some time
  • The return of last names is still being worked on and it will probably wont be ready for deployment until Q2 2019. It may cost as much as several months of premium. Name change only for people with premium membership
  • Linden Lab are working on new genres for Linden Homes and parcels will come in difference sizes. It looks like the new SSP continent will be the new Linden Homes continent.
  • Animesh shipped this week on the grid and the viewer is in release
  • Linden Lab are looking at possible new features for Premium members including adding more group slots in 2019
  • There is a major project for 2019 to renew the Mainland group textures which is possible
  • Marketplace wish lists, favourites, bug fixes work continues quickly
  • Grid wide experiences will be coming next year when premium accounts get upgrades
  • The cloud migration is a big project still and more work still need to be done for moving stuff
  • SL rail system needs work on and its on the roadmap
  • The classic system avatar is not being phased out

I hope there will be more Town Hall meetings from the lab during 2019 because it’s great to hear about all the developments happening in Second Life.

Islandz Grid Comes Online

New Islandz Welcome Area with various freebies 

Since Wednesday 14th November 2018 the new Islandz grid has been up and running. So far there are 282 total users that have registered and that number is growing every day. The Islandz grid has only ten regions online and that’s expected to rise in the weeks ahead.

Well, it’s taken a while, but we’ve finally managed to get to the point where we can open our doors to show our residents that we are indeed alive and well! 

First, let me thank everyone for their hard work, their patience and their determination to help us see this through. Without you, we would never have gotten this far! I’ve watched our community be absolutely amazing, stunning, graceful, patient and so helpful to the myriad of questions from so many.

All former InWorldz residents can log in here with their former avatar name and password. New residents are going to have to wait a little longer to join the grid while maintenance is still on going.

Elenia Llewellyn made an official announcement about the Islandz grid opening a few days ago which is worth reading.

Preview of the Islandz Welcome Area

Islandz Map
Bar Area
Sandbox Area
Stage Area

I will post more updates soon.

Animesh Officially Released Today

Linden Lab have just announced some exciting news that Project Animesh has been officially released on all regions in Second Life as of today.

Here is the full blog announcement…

The long wait is over: Project Animesh has been released Grid Wide! As of today the default viewer download and all regions on the grid support Animesh.

Animesh, first announced a year ago (!), allows independent objects to use rigged mesh and animations, just as you see today with mesh avatars. This means that you can now have wild animals, pets, vehicles, hair, zombies …. The possibilities are in your hands! We’ve created a Wiki which outlines how you can begin playing with Animesh. If you are a Premium Account, you will be able to attach two Animesh attachments instead of one. Note: You will need to be on an Animesh Enabled Viewer to see Animesh objects work correctly; if you are using a third party viewer they can let you know when support will be available.

A huge “Thank you!” goes out to those Second Life Residents who participated in our year-long Beta, both in the forums and at our inworld User Group Meetings .

We’re can’t wait to see what you will create and share with the rest of the community using these new capabilities. To help everyone find new animesh content, we’ve added a category on the Marketplace for it: Animated Objects

We look forward to your comments and bug reports in Jira.

UPDATE 3: Logins Now Working / New Islandz Website Comes Online


Latest Updates

UPDATE 3: 16th November 2018

Islandz servers are up and running 

Islandz login

First preview of the new Islandz Welcome Area

Islandz welcome area_002

UPDATE 2: All former InWorldz residents can now opt-in below in order to enter the new Islandz grid.

UPDATE 1: 14th November 2018

GREAT NEWS! Islandz servers will allow logins starting November 14, at 3pm Islandz time (Pacific time)


The new Islandz website is now up and running this week. It’s important to note that the Islandz website is still under development and some key features are not available yet.

It’s estimated that the new Islandz grid may be opening within the next few days or so which will be great news. Apparently accounts and logins are expected very soon. Registrations for new users are currently closed until the email and new inventory skeleton creation has been connected up with it successfully.

In the meantime it’s recommended for everyone to download the new Islandz viewer from the downloads page. You can use the Firestorm viewer if you prefer too. It’s worth reading the FAQ before you get started on the Islandz grid for some useful information.

The long wait is almost over. It’s good to hear that things are coming along nicely now and the big launch is just days away. Elenia Llewellyn and Jim Tarber have worked so hard in the past three months or so to build this new grid from the ground up after the closure of the former InWorldz grid back in the summer.

The new Islandz viewer > version > Islandz 1.0.0 (41497)

Islandz Login Screen Page

More updates soon.

New Look At Me Release For Sansar Now Available

Linden Lab released a new Look At Me release for Sansar on Tuesday 7th November featuring a whole new user interface, a first person avatar view, tons of revised controls, new & custom emotes, script raycasting and more. This is a big update for sure with a lot packed into it and I’m sure many will be excited to try this latest release.

Draxtor Despres has a great video on the new Sansar features.

Isabelle Cheren has jumped into Sansar showing off what’s new in this latest release.

What do you think of the new Look at Me release ?

OpenSim Grids Statistics – November 2018

As many know already Hypergrid Business earlier this year announced it was winding down and stopping publishing monthly stats reports which I found most interesting indeed. Maria Korolov did a fantastic job publishing the grid reports every month since the summer of 2009 which is awesome. All the historical grid statistics can be found here.

The last grid report was published back in May 2018 which is some time ago. I’m going to try to find the relevant statistics from OpenSim grids websites and publish them on my blog every quarter.

It’s going to be impossible to include every OpenSim grid because there are too many grids to list and some grid stats are not shown publicly either. My main focus will be on regions and active users to start of with.

November 2018 OpenSim News:

  1. The new Islandz grid (former InWorldz grid) will be going online soon (within weeks) and hopefully the grid owners will display grid stats on their website.
  2. Google+ is shutting down next year and hopefully the OpenSim community will all come together again. Hopefully not all spread all over the place.

Counts For OpenSim Grids – November 2018

Lets get started with some of the popular OpenSIm Grids first and I will add more grids in future reports if the statistics are shown on their websites.


  • Total Regions: 17, 715
  • Worlds: 15, 871
  • Registered Users: 107, 309


  • Total Regions: 7, 635
  • Active Users Last 30 Days: 2, 374 Logins
  • Total Residents: 8, 083

Lost Paradise

  • Total Regions: 5, 509
  • Active Users Last 30 Days: 796
  • Total Residents: 2, 012


  • Total Regions: 4, 636
  • Unique Visitors Last 30 Days: 4, 181
  • Total Users: 124, 788

Tag Grid

  • Total Residents: 20, 291


  • Total Regions: 2, 322
  • Active Users Last 30 Days: 3, 199
  • Avatars Peak Online: 115

Virtual Highway 

  • Total Regions: 687
  • Active Users Last 30 Days: 76
  • Total Residents: 7, 520

Discovery Grid

  • Total Regions: 286
  • Users Last 30 Days: 1, 031
  • Active Accounts: 967
  • Registered Accounts: 1, 329
  • Active HG Users 30 Days: 547

Franco Grid

  • Total Regions: 209
  • Active Users Last 30 Days: 412
  • Total Residents: 7, 372

Littlefield Grid

  • Total Regions: 205
  • Active Users Last 30 Days: 292
  • Total Users: 3, 097
  • Friendships: 7, 755

Craft World

  • Total Regions: 200
  • Total Users Last 30 Days: 354
  • Total Local Users: 8, 484

3rd Rock Grid

  • Total Regions: 164
  • Unique Visitors Last 30 Days: 653
  • Total Registered Users: 12, 792

Tranquility Grid

  • Total Regions: 57
  • Visitors Last 30 Days: 462
  • Total Residents: 302

Infiniti Grid

  • Total Regions: 30
  • Visitors Last 30 Days: 177
  • Total Residents: 105

UFS Grid 

  • Regions Total: 19
  • Total Users: 1, 796

For more active OpenSim Grids, click here. My next OpenSim Grids stats report will be published in early 2019.