2018 exciting events happening in Second Life

There are many exciting events to look forward to during 2018 in Second Life. This year it’s going to be pretty awesome. There will be huge anniversaries, fund-raising events, live music/concerts events, new grand openings, Linden supported events and more.

Around the clock there are of ton’s of live events happening in Second Life all year around. Here are some of the most popular key events happening this year in Second Life…make sure to add these to your calendar!

Upcoming Events

Other Events – dates still yet to be confirmed…

Useful Events Links

Know of any more 2018 Second Life events ?

Feel free to add them in the comments section

Please spread the word 🙂

Thanks so much 


3 thoughts on “2018 exciting events happening in Second Life

  1. Please do remember Virtual Ability’s two annual international conferences: 1) International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference (IDRAC) and 2) Mental Health Symposium. The conferences have different dates each year.

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